Slowman – Biography

The guitarist, singer and composer Svante Törngren ­ aka Slowman ­released his first solo album in 2008. It came after years of silence, a consequence of leaving the music industry in anger in the mid-1980s. During decades Svante Törngren devoted himself to live performances in a variety of constellations. Over the years he became a familiar profile on Stockholm¹s pub-scenes; often acclaimed for his Hendrix interpretations.

But slowly a pile of original songs grew in his desk drawer. After 24 years it was finally time for the solo debut with a selection of original compositions: ”The best of Slowman”. The album was praised by critics all over Europe, and in 2010 came an equally appreciated sequel: ”I'm back”. The same autumn, Slowman released a tribute to Jimi Hendrix, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his death: ”HEY JIMI - Slowman & Friends plays Hendrix”.

Svante Törngren was awarded with The Linköping Blues Association Scholarship in 2009, thereby joining Louise Hoffsten, Sven Zetterberg and other Swedish music profiles in the inner circle of the Swedish blues scene. Listen to any of the interviews in Swedish radio shows (in Swedish).

In 2014, Slowman released an EP with three Swedish songs as a trial balloon to test the public reaction to an optional Swedish album. The Swedish audience got the chance to vote in a poll and their wishes were loud and clear, they wanted to hear more of Slowman in Swedish. But Slowman himself added the Swedish material to the pile of unpublished material in the drawer and only plays the Swedish songs live at well-chosen occasions. 

The latest release is the album HAPPY BOY, launched in October 2014, preceeded by a single release and video. All of the Slowman material can be found on Spotify.

  • Born: 1957 in Linköping
  • Residence: South side of Stockholm, capitol of Sweden.

From the archives:

A number of albums on the CBS label and tours in Sweden during the 1980s with the rock-pop-group 2001 and the soul-pop-group Station. Svante Törngren also played in the successful afrofunk and highlife band Sababas led by the legendary Paul Edho. Svante Törngren was one of the key drivers when Teater Pero started in 1983 ­ he composed all the music in the very first Pero Show.

Examples of earlier work.