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Happy Boy

  • "Happy Boy offers of a bunch of great songs, with really good and recognizable lyrics. He has a very special talent, that's for sure. A true gold nugget in the Swedish flow of music that deserves much more attention than it probably will get. – I really fall for the ballads, where Slowman's feeling and voice emphasizes the desolation and sadness of wonderful compositions like 'Nothing to pretend' and 'What do we do now?' " Per Wikner, Obladoo, Sweden
  • "Backed by a tight band and, notably on 'Into Gold', a stirring female gospel choir, Törngren delivers with fire and conviction in his voice while his lyrics make his songs well worth listening to for what they say as much as how they say it. The autobiographical ‘Drowning Stones’, with its express train shuffling rhythm, saloon boogie piano and occasional vocal echoes of Bruce Cockburn, and the inspirational ‘beauty in unexpected places’ themed ‘Where The Roses Grow’ are particularly potent.", UK
  • "It can be stated without any doubt that ‘Happy Boy’, the third record of Swedish singer-songwriter Slowman, is his best performance ever. Contemporary pop and rock songs that can easily face the competition with internationally established artists. If there is still any justice left in this world, Slowman absolutely deserves international recognition." RootsTime, Belgium
  • "Slowman, best known for rocking bluesy hits, is now on his third album, and the single 'Happy Boy' is a surprising and promising foretaste. – The electric piano Matts Lundström delivers and the mournful cello Anna Dager provides, create the right atmosphere for this simple, melodic ballad with a heartbreaking guitar." KEYS & CHORDS, Netherlands (on the single)
  • "We already knew the Swede Svante ”Slowman” Törngren as a fantastic singer-songwriter and guitarist, but with his third album he really surpasses our wildest expectations! What a beautiful album he has made!" ALTCOUNTRY, Belgium
  • "Happy Boy träffar varmt i höstrusket. – Rättvis speltid i radiokanalerna skulle utan tvekan innebära en fullträff i musikhjärtat på presumtiva fans som förmodligen inte har en aning om att han existerar." POPGENI, Sverige