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The Best of Slowman

  • "The fifteen tracks on this compilation are remarkably good – ...a truly rocking guitarist and this CD pounds away like vintage Eric Clapton – This is a man who knows his stuff." Jamie Hailstone, Blues Matters!, UK
  • "High score! – The best record I’ve heard in a long time" Kenneth Fogström, Blueswebben, Åland/Finland
  • "Fifteen pearls! – This record is applicant for my choice to the 'Album of the year'. Both thumbs towards the top!" Ilka Heiser, Rock Times, Germany
  • "Here is a man that will make you remember what rock'n roll should be: rock-infused funk and blues packed with energetic hooks and infectious melodies." Freddy Celis, Roots Time, Belgium
  • "Real good music, top notch production, well sung and a beautiful booklet. – High Fun Factor." Home of Rock, Germany
  • "Above all, it’s the great compositions." Nils Hansson, DN, Sweden
  • "Slowman has a special feeling for toxic bluesrock." Gert-Ove Fridlund, Hallandsposten, Sweden
  • "Many live in the delusion that Peps Persson and Sven Zetterberg fill the blues quota in Sweden. That’s easily rectified. Svante Törngren, Slowman if you wish, is the name of the key; with both soul and melodies he claims his obvious place." Johan Kronquist,
  • "The Robinson brothers (Black Crowes) are probably jealous of Slowmans ability to write strong riffbased bluesrock pieces. On top, the guy’s a good singer!" Anders Carling, TrotsAllt, Sweden
  • "Slowman sparks and sparkles." Göteborgs Fria Tidning, Sweden
  • "To someone who likes bluesrock, this is heaven! 15 real good pieces, outstanding guitar and a steady frontman." Meadow Music, International
  • "Well, he is back, and how! With a bunch of very good songs and with excellent guitar work, throat and accompaniment. – And he knows damn well how to make a strong song." Blues Magazine, Holland
  • "A real rock artist with sturdy riffs and a steaming band. – A strong record with tracks that sticks." Moors Magazine, Holland
  • "Slowman takes courage from the roots swamp and invades the field of the ballad with class – Undeniable talent!" Roots Highway, Italy
  • "He sure hasn’t forgotten how to sing or play guitar! – A splendid production, each of every minute to enjoy.", Hungary