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I'm Back

  • "Proves to be worth the wait. – Offers many moments for the air guitar player and furious foot tapper." Gareth Hayes, Blues Matters
  • "Slick, cool and dirty, The Silent years shows Slowman singing with his heart on his sleeve, playing a moody tune creating a great effect – I'm back is a brilliant second album." Maverick, UK
  • "The blues is what feels the most, the dist knob are cranked up a bit more, the edges not too polished and his got his hands deep down in classic, fertile timeless soil. I’d say that he’s standing even more secure with this new album." Pär Berglund, Meadow Music
  • "Slowman makes it again!The basic color may be blue, but the palette contains a whole lot of more nuances." Johan Kronquist, Östgöta-Korrespondenten/
  • "Just like on the previous album, he has taken the best of American root music and added a personal touch. ”I'm Back” is a very successful follow-up." Johan Annertorp,
  • "Slowman is back where he started, with a collection of eleven thrilling blues songs – Slowman is finally ready to make his name as blues artist! 'I’m Back' is a very enjoyable album, with a couple of different sides and sub-genres, taken form the greater blues genre! A truly pleasing album!" Mr Blue Boogie, BillyBop
  • "Unforgiveable, but it’s forgiven to Slowman that he waited more than 20 years to cherish our lives with his great bluesy tunes and fantastic singing. After the superb debut album ‘The Best Of Slowman’, he delivers again, with top class material. We now all sincerely hope that he’s back... to stay!" Valére Samperman, Rootstime
  • "A highly recommended purchase because of the mix of blues, rock and funk, close to guys like JJ Cale, Mark Knopfler and Peter Green. Slowman easily switches between styles, yet at the same time is a master at whatever he does – Not one dull moment!" Dietrich Gastrock, Home Of Rock
  • "With a wonderful mix of blues soul, country, gospel and rock, the wonderful songs on Slowman's second album ”I'm Back” makes a nice string of pearls." Magnus Hårdstedt, Eskilstuna-kuriren